Last year my lovely wife showed me a brand new social media site that she loved. That site was Pinterest. The reason she loved it was that it hadn’t been overrun by capitalist pigs like myself. It was pure. Purity in an advertising rich space like the internet doesn’t last long. While paid advertising is a while off, there are ways to make your website profitable driving traffic from Pinterest. Profiting from Pinterest boils down to click throughs. The more people connect with the content you post, the more they will click through to your website. You’re going to need to create some content and you’re going to need to create a following.

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Create a following! Creating a Switzerland WhatsApp Number List following is easy. The more you pin, the higher quality the content is that you pin, the more people will follow you. Follow twitter strategies, interact with people who have a high number of followers, repin stuff that they pin and you’ll gain their followers.Building the trust of your following is important. Remember, it’s easy for people to follow you and it’s just as easy for people to unfollow you. The second they feel you post too much or that you are too ‘spammy’, their gone. Link to the images on your website. Create custom graphics on your site that are engaging for your target audience. Tell people on your website to follow you on pinterest and link to your board.

Switzerland WhatsApp Number List
Switzerland WhatsApp Number List


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Creating original content is important. If you want people to pin what you have on your website, be original. Create cool ‘how to’ style graphics that give the audience some helpful tips. Use graphs that show which products are most popular, best value, or even show which features a product has. Link to banners that have promotional language or text. Use traditional advertisement placements to generate interests in a click through to your website. Be warned… too many of this type of pin and people will unfollow you. I would recommend that 1 out of every 5-6 pins be a promotional banner – no more frequently than that.

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