Celebrate your birthday or whatever there is to celebrate with some imagination with something delicious. Many companies like to deliver and need trade badly. Play sports online ‘together’ with your colleagues. Running apps like Nike let you challenge someone and Strava also lets you compare results. (Or create a team at the walking app Ommetje, tip from the Frankwatching editors) Write down what you are grateful for every day.

The word of the day

Share this with your colleagues, for example Russia WhatsApp Number List via a chat channel or on a digital whiteboard. Laugh of the day: what made you laugh uncontrollably today? Share that. Humor is a matter of taste, so who knows, you might get to know each other differently that way. Play complain-positivo bingo with your colleagues. This is a bingo card with the most common lament and positive sentences. Do you hear any of the sentences? Then you cross it off. Who will have bingo first?

Russia WhatsApp Number List
Russia WhatsApp Number List

Ask participants

Before check-in, ask people to take 3 items from the kitchen: something red, yellow, and green. For example, peppers. Then hold up the object that best suits you at the moment. Green if you think: ‘bring on with that challenge in this meeting, I’m completely ready, I’m bursting with energy. Yellow: ‘Well, leave me alone, I’m not there yet. Red: ‘Today is not my day. I’m watching, but leave me alone today.’ I got this tip from Fennande van der Meulen (Happy Office Manifesto).

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