You can also ask in an open file to type questions and comments that you then deal with. Possibly you ask in a second round to vote for the best questions, which you then answer first. The other questions can be placed in the handout, see below. 4. Let’s talk to each other It is often a pleasant change from an online group conversation to chat with someone else.

Send a physical item

Many online platforms have breakout Qatar WhatsApp Number List rooms. If you do not have this facility, you can collect telephone numbers in advance and ask participants to call each other in this way. If necessary , you can do a short debrief for each duo . 5. Just complaining There is much to be said for positivity and seeing problems as projects. At the same time, it is also nice to take a break, grumble freely or share frustrations.


Qatar WhatsApp Number List
Qatar WhatsApp Number List

Take a reading break

An online wailing wall can be nice (this tip comes from the Handbook Happiness at Work ). 6. Provide variety There are many additional apps and web pages that allow you to create a quiz or shared whiteboard or shared mind map. But often you can also offer a lot of variety within a platform. 7. Involve everyone, but don’t put anyone in front of the block In Adobe Connect, for example, you have the option to see per participant how active someone is in the meeting.

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