This can also be at the expense of bottom-line profitability. 15. Flexibility is more important than efficiency In many companies, ‘efficiency’ is still the magic word for improving results today. Although efficiency is important to a certain extent and business results can certainly grow in the short term, the competitive strength of a company  better measur how.

Flexible The company

A company that can quickly convert opportunities into execution  Pakistan WhatsApp Number List  and quickly solves challenges will of course always be more successful in the long term than a company that is stuck in numerous processes due to a strong focus on efficiency. A combination is of course powerful, but flexibility should prevail. In many cases, too much focus on efficiency is at the expense of.

It must be scalable and always accessible. Actually, this only works if you do it in the cloud. Not every company has the knowledge for this. But even within the cloud architecture, data infrastructure is still a profession in its own right. Most organizations therefore have to outsource this and are afraid of long, expensive development processes. So often the data project already stalls in this preparatory phase. Not enough data people The well-trained. Experience data people you need to get your data affairs in order are hugely in demand in the job market.

The company’s flexibility

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This makes people feel limited to be able to switch quickly and seize opportunities or solve problems. Sooner or later, a new startup or existing competitor (that is flexible and not stuck in processes) will win you over, no matter how small or large it may be. The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything is constantly changing The opportunities available are greater than ever before.