Due to the pandemic, we will meet less face-to-face. Due to Bahrain Phone Number List the pandemic and video conferencing, we will meet less but more effectively No more useless meetings. No more being disturbed by noisy colleagues who try to be fun all day long or discuss their private matters loudly with others Bahrain Phone Number List No, just get started on your time, your way, the way it’s meant to be. As a result, efficiency rises sharply and productivity rises. Naturally, the desire for cohesion and togetherness of humans as a group animal is great. That will come back in the future. Having fun together. But we are now learning very quickly how convenient and efficient it is to regularly work quietly ourselves.

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Let’s keep it that way after the crisis. 3. Alone together The first two words Peru WhatsApp Number List from the battle cry launched by the corona crisis team: ‘Only together can we get corona under control’ initially seem more like a semantic differential. After all, ‘alone’ is the Bahrain Phone Number List opposite of ‘together’. Yet it indicates exactly what is happening. Due to the current crisis – even in isolation – a greater sense of community is created and we feel responsible to ‘watch each other a little bit’. On the one hand, we become more social and we look out for each other more. On the other hand, isolation forces us to work more independently and to solve problems in our own circle.


Peru WhatsApp Number List
Peru WhatsApp Number List

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We can still appeal to others as we are now seeing in great Bahrain Phone Number List numbers. The helping hand is becoming the new normal. Our king said in his Christmas speech six years ago: “The Netherlands has more than 17 million selfies”. However, people are also expected to be more self-reliant. In and after the corona crisis, we expect more self-reliance from people. In and after Bahrain Phone Number List the corona crisis, we expect more self-reliance from people. After all, professional care providers have their hands full with people who really need help. So if you can, you solve your problems yourself. In that respect, the time of sitting back and waiting for the helpdesk to come to your rescue .

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