Note that there are more robust (and some free) keyword research tools out there, including Moz Keyword Explorer and a highly recommended keyword tool called Long Tail Pro (which has some rave reviews), but I only include those on this list. using myself Determining keyword competition As I scroll through the keyword suggestions, I tend to assess the competition on the spot. That said, the two steps I mentioned above usually need to be done simultaneously. Serpstat displays the “Competition” number right inside the keyword suggestion box, allowing you to filter the results by a certain level of competition. “Competition” means PPC competition which is often correlated to organic competition.

Often, but not always. Serpstat also has two useful sections called “Top Pages” and “Competitors” that allow you to estimate how tough your future competition is. I always make sure to check both before deciding if I want to search for any chosen keyword. As a general rule of thumb, if most of your future “Competitors” have consistently high visibility (100+), it might be too difficult a keyword to test: competitors Serpstat “visibility” is a combination of several metrics: Number of keywords for which a domain ranks in the top 20, Search volumes for these keywords, and The exact domain positions for these keywords. For example: ranking first for a keyword with 200 monthly.

Searches Will Give Less Visibility

Than ranking fifth for a keyword with 50,000 monthly searches, but more than ranking 19th for a keyword with 50,000 monthly searches. If you want to read more about the metric, you can do so here. Here is an example of an easier keyword in terms of competition: competitors-01 More keyword research tools and ideas Keyword research is one of the basic steps of Thailand whatsapp number list  content writing – it lies at the core of any article you intend to write. But how do you do keyword research (and do it right)? #keywordresearch #keywords #blogging101 #blogwriting #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #contentmarketing #contentcreationHow to use keyword research to generate new content ideas As I said earlier, keyword research is an indispensable source of content ideas.

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If you ever feel stuck, this should be your first step: look for keyword suggestions. However, looking for keyword suggestions doesn’t always inspire me. In fact, when it comes to brainstorming blog post ideas, I’ve found that using tools that research related niche questions (based on their keywords) gives me so much more in terms of getting my creativity flowing. There are four incredible sources that allow me to research question-type search queries focused on keywords: respond to the public Answer The Public reviews search suggestions and retrieves all queries that contain question words (who, what, how, etc.). Then visualize them in the form of a cool mind map: respond to the public.

Dark Side Content Marketing

A statistic that is very concerning (or welcome to those who do have a strategy). How to get on the white side of content marketing The white side of content marketing is basically about doing things right . You cannot afford to spend your time and money on actions that do not bring you the expected results. Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid the failure of your content marketing campaigns: Document your strategy Documenting your content marketing strategy revolves around planning and organization. See your documented strategy as the benchmark that keeps you on track for the long haul. To get started, you need to ask yourself some general questions that will lay the foundation for your strategy. For example, “What is my challenge?” or “What is the biggest risk in case of failure?”

Dark Side Content Marketing 2. Then you need to get more specific and discover things like opportunities, needs. Target audience, and unique value proposition. Additionally, you must strictly document.  Your content creation and distribution process. Image source Here is a step-by-step guide that contains the necessary questions to answer.  When creating your content marketing documentation strategy. Create a publishing schedule Once you’ve documented your content marketing strategy. you can start scheduling your content activity. This means that you need to set up a schedule for your blog posts, social sharing, and everything related to post actions. Content marketing is much more than creating content. Here’s what you need besides content for your content marketing to flourish and succeed. Here’s what most people ignore when starting their content marketing. And how you can make sure you have all the pieces of content marketing in place.

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