Do you know the difference between horizontal and vertical management? Find out here in this post! Raphael Pres Nov 13, 19 | Reading: min Agencies Week – Event for digital agencies horizontal Iceland Email List management Organizational structure is the basis for many choices in business administration, and horizontal management is a methodology that has been frequently applied. Large institutions have already adopted this type of Iceland Email List management to achieve optimal results. How about applying at your agency? In this post you will learn what horizontal management consists of, its main differences when compared to vertical management and the main reasons for implementing it. Follow it below and learn how managing with more collaboration and less hierarchy can be positive for your agency and your team of Iceland Email List employees. What is horizontal management?

What is Horizontal Management

The horizontal management provides an administration that values more the contribution and self-management than the hierarchical relationships in the workplace. The subject is Iceland Email List relatively new, however, it is already perceived in the practice of many companies. The method emerged in response to the transformation of the labor market, which presents a more participatory, autonomous and multitasking scenario. Thus, it is possible to point out as the main characteristics of this management: Iceland Email List participation of different professionals in decisions; organization of tasks and projects in multidisciplinary and self-managing groups; easier, faster and more direct communication; more flexible operation of tasks, without styling processes; agility and creativity gain space to solve problems and propose solutions. It is important to emphasize that, even in horizontal management, Iceland Email List the role of leaders remains fundamental.

Iceland Email List

They are the ones who show the directions Iceland Email List for activities to be organized and carried out by employees. However, the way the team will proceed is much more open to innovation and participation by all Iceland Email List involved. In horizontal management, the difference between leadership and leadership is evident . It is worth noting that the first term is focused on control and standardized definitions. The second offers exchange and self-management, while monitoring the performance of each employee. Complete Iceland Email List management guide for agencies: Learn all about optimizing your processes! Download our management guide and have access to everything you need to organize your agency and leverage your results What is the difference between horizontal and vertical management? Taking advantage of the previous quote in which the terms head and leadership were compared, can you say what Iceland Email List the main difference is between horizontal and vertical management?

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