Not to mention that it also facilitates the pricing of jobs , allowing the manager to know which customers are paying what is necessary or not in relation to the Mongolia Email List hours spent by employees. From there, the manager can make the appropriate decisions based on concrete numbers. The more control over time you have, the more organized, practical and productive your work routine will be. By implementing Mongolia Email List the right methods, you guarantee the development, quality and delivery of tasks within the stipulated time. And, best of all, without getting overwhelmed and exhausted. Need to optimize your time tracking? Use Studio for free and discover how our management software can help you! ​think of it as Mongolia Email List Basically the “personality” of a company synthesized and exposed to the world.

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​Therefore, the better, more neat and understandable the strategy, the more space the brand Mongolia Email List gains in the consumer’s daily life. There are companies that work their visual identity so well that they are recognized only by their colors! Some of the main elements that make up the development of a visual identity are the logo , typography, color palette , publicity materials (flyers, posters and billboards, for Mongolia Email List example) and, more recently, elements of social networks such as post images, avatar and the cover . You may also be interested in this other content! What is Brand Voice and a step by step how to create it How important is it for a brand? Red background with white logo, a red dot next to an Mongolia Email List orange-yellow one, the yellow letter M applied over a red background. If you thought of Coca-Cola,

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MasterCard and McDonald much difficulty, you just proved that the reinforcement and investment in a good visual identity are wonderful strategies for Mongolia Email List brand recognition. If not, I’m sure I would do it with extreme ease when seeing the images somewhere out there. Proof of this was MasterCard’s recent action: after decades of signing its own name on the logo, the two circles will be the main — and in most cases the only — components present. The action of removing the name from the logo was a strategy adopted after realizing that Mongolia Email List the visual identity was capable of promoting a recognition rate that reached 80%. In other words: it was no longer necessary to reinforce who MasterCard was, people already knew just by looking at the graphics. It is important to Mongolia Email List work with the visual identity for several reasons, but one of the main ones is that, with it, it is possible to define in a visual, practical and “at first glance” way who the company is.

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