Facebook, Instagram, email and others. The persona can go through multiple channels along its shopping journey . So, it’s important to understand which platforms are used on this Belarus WhatsApp Number List  path and most help drive the persona to purchase. This way, you can produce more efficient content for each channel and each step. marketing date Source: Think With Google Monitor competitors and benchmarks Data also serves to keep an eye on what is happening around your company. The competitive Belarus WhatsApp Number List analysis on content marketing helps to map strategies of competitors and benchmarks, to know what is working and inspire new content ideas. In addition, you can also monitor your market position. In an SO Belarus WhatsApp Number List analysis , it is possible to know who competes with your brand in Google results, for example.

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Then, you can analyze the strategies and understand what you need to do to conquer your space. Identify Belarus WhatsApp Number List seasonality One of the most important missions of data analysis is to identify patterns of behavior . Among thousands and thousands of users, you may notice that interest in a particular subject increases with some seasonality. Interest in topics related to the Olympic Games, for example, has a clear trend to grow Belarus WhatsApp Number List every four years. So, the most favorable time to produce content that generates more results is when these peak moments are approaching. marketing date Identify content that performs best In data analysis, you can also identify which content performs best based on the metrics Belarus WhatsApp Number List you track (reach, time on page, conversions, etc.).

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Deeper analysis of these contents can show which themes, approaches, formats and channels can generate more Belarus WhatsApp Number List interest and results. Optimize the consumer experience Finally, data marketing helps create a better experience for consumers who come in contact with your content. You can approach topics that are more interesting to them, in the channels they prefer to use, with content that solves doubts and needs in Belarus WhatsApp Number List your life . [Kit] Marketing Planning 2022 How to do data driven content marketing? Now, let’s get to the practical part: How do you use data marketing to drive content strategies? Some professionals Belarus WhatsApp Number List may think that all you need to do is use a few tools and look at some data to produce data driven content.

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