It will serve all human purposes and foster experiences. Not just being “a virtual world” or a network. Social. This will sound like paraphernalia for Armenia phone numbers who are not close to the technological world. But today it is already knocking on the door of our houses. The launch of a new brand ” metaverse first. Not facebook first .” in the media it is read that facebook. The social network. Has changed its name; however.

Meta has come to position itself as zuckerberg’s great company that will encompass social applications. Facebook. Instagram. Whatsapp. Messenger. As well as other projects such as the metaverse itself . Quest. Messenger or Armenia phone numbers. That is. Facebook as we know it. It will not disappear. But it will be one more product of meta. Zuckerberg’s new brand. Beyond the “facebook name change”. Zuckerberg seeks to position his new brand that will be the next chapter for the internet and his company. He said in a letter published yesterday.

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“when brands evolve in this way. They are actually changing. They are letting go of a brand to bring something new. I don’t know if it is the specific case of facebook. But what i do see is that it is bringing a new brand. It is Armenia phone number  with new brand for a different market. A different consumer group. With a different benefit. That is what i feel. It is not that facebook is changing. There is a new brand”. Reflected marcela garcés. General director at landor & fitch. In an exclusive interview with merca 2.0 marcela garcés. General manager at landor & fitch.

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Taking garcés’ reflection as a reference. “metaverse first” is not about a simple name change. It is about the recognition of a new brand that will be the Armenia phone numbers point of a paradigm shift in the consumption trends of social network users. And dreams of social technology. The future of interaction the revolution of social networks is coming. In the near future it will be possible to live human experiences in the digital. Where we can connect and express ourselves in a more natural way. If we recap. When facebook started. Texts were written on websites .

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When smartphones became popular. The internet became more visual and mobile. With the acceleration of connections. Videos became a more fruitful way of sharing experiences. And now. The metaverse arrives to make us Armenia phone numbers present and also things. Such as holograms. In order to make time more efficient and reduce the carbon footprint with our production activities as humans. That is. We will be able to fully immerse ourselves in the platforms that the meta matrix will have.

In that already future. Things on the internet change because now we can be owners of digital creations. For a couple of years. The new generations have been Armenia phone numbers money on virtual objects. Such as skins within fortnite or call of duty . And that is marking the revolution towards a possible metaverse that mark zuckerberg talks about. “for this metaverse to work you have to start living in a virtual world. Where you own objects […] marketplaces are the new stores where virtual objects are sold for the new metaverses or virtual universes.

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