At Rock Content, we understand the production of relevant content as a sustainable and efficient way to generate corporate contacts so that, later, they are Guadeloupe Email Lists transformed into sales opportunities. That’s why, below, I’m going to share our lead generation case and how we managed to get 700 monthly leads without spending a dollar on Google Ads and social media. Luisa Perez July 14, 20 | Reading: minim Lead generation case Many companies still believe that Guadeloupe Email Lists Digital Marketing is all about ads and social media campaigns. In fact, I thought so too, until I joined Rock Content. My experience in the company showed me that the possibilities of Digital Marketing are endless and that, with a solid Content Marketing strategy , not having money to invest in ads Guadeloupe Email Lists is irrelevant. Over time, we were able to build an increasingly strong base of contacts through a fully organic strategy .

Starting With The Top Of The Funnel

And that still allows us to generate several business opportunities every month. Of course, nothing magically happened. Over the past few months, we’ve Guadeloupe Email Lists worked and tested many strategies. That’s why I decided to write this article. In the next few lines, I’m going to talk about the best practices we’ve implemented to generate demand here at Rock and which today allow us to create more than 700 sales opportunities Guadeloupe Email Lists every month. In addition, I will also share some important tips that will surely help you. Keep reading! Starting with the top of the funnel: attraction First of all, none of this would be possible if we hadn’t started at the top of the Content Marketing funnel, IE, generating traffic to our blog. Many Guadeloupe Email Lists companies already understand the need to create a blog and feed it with relevant content and optimized for the user’s intention in search engines.

Guadeloupe Email Lists

But, many times, I get the impression that this is left out of digital strategies or considered as something secondary. At Rock, the blog is essential in generating Guadeloupe Email Lists the results we have today . In Content Marketing, everything starts with attracting visitors – and it is obvious that, in our case, it could not be different. However, I won’t share too many details about that, as we have this post where we tell you how we Guadeloupe Email Lists developed the strategy for our blog , which recently passed the mark of 2 million monthly visitors. Be sure to check it out! What is a business opportunity for Rock Content? An opportunity on Rock Content refers to contacts that come to us, fit the lead or ML (Marketing Qualified Lead) criteria Guadeloupe Email Lists and, therefore, can be worked on by our sales team. But this can vary from company to company,

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