Have already been collected by other companies, organizations or researchers. They can reveal general characteristics of the audience or major market trends , for example. They may be Belize WhatsApp Number List available at: Newspaper reports and magazines Research Institute Reports government publications Professional association studies academic works Also, explore quantitative and qualitative data . Quantitative marketing surveys, usually conducted with questionnaires, are able to reach a larger Belize WhatsApp Number List population and reveal patterns of behavior , but do not provide in-depth answers. Qualitative data, on the other hand, are Belize WhatsApp Number List  carried out with fewer people and cannot be understood as a general behavior of the population.

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But they bring a depth of data that helps to better understand the behaviors and motivations of the study audience. Have data collection and analysis tools You cannot do data marketing Belize WhatsApp Number List without the help of tools. They are what consolidate the data and turn it into intelligible charts and reports that can be used to generate insights and strategic information. Therefore, data marketing also requires planning the acquisition Belize WhatsApp Number List of tools and software that support data analysis. Later on, you’ll learn about some of the main tools that can help. Follow LG PD rules Anyone who works with data needs to know the rules of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data. This is the main regulatory framework for data Belize WhatsApp Number List protection and privacy in Brazil and defines the treatment rules, as well as the sanctions for those who do not comply with them.

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The LG PD says that users must explicitly consent to the collection of their personal data and be informed clearly and Belize WhatsApp Number List transparently about the purpose of the processing. If you want to use them to qualify content marketing strategies, that’s what you should let users know. Furthermore, they must be able to consult, edit or delete their personal data whenever they want. Companies that use data in their strategies must also define a person responsible for the data area, who reports to the national authority, and Belize WhatsApp Number List governance policies that guarantee information security. Create a data driven culture To implement data driven Belize WhatsApp Number List marketing, it is important to first create a data-driven culture in the company.

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