As a company, we know we have a lot to learn as diversity also brings challenges. But it’s great to be part of this Denmark Email List growth! Clara Borges BIB Marketing Manager I’m Colombian and I’ve lived in Brazil for 3 years. The first question that pops into my head, and most likely yours, is how can I be a case of diversity and pride, right? After receiving Denmark Email List the invitation to talk about the subject, I became convinced that, in fact, I am part of the diversity of Rock Content, but also of Brazil and the world. That’s because I’m a woman, I left my country with no work experience and because of my country’s past (regarding violence).Therefore, arriving in Denmark Email List Brazil with the load of my country was indeed a challenge,

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And, in diversity, it is possible to mix thoughts to kick-start great projects. With that, finally, I can say that Rock Denmark Email List Content, as a company, opened up the possibilities of creating great things and great professionals, mixing the best of different cultures. And, for my part, Rock gave me the possibility of being a Colombian “A” who puts his face to the public to represent how we, in the company, are international. No more, thank you Rock for allowing me to bring my cultural load with me and especially thank you to Denmark Email List my Marketing team at Rock for allowing me to be empowered by who I am. Valentin Giraudoux International Marketing Supervisor rock Diversity for me is difference. ​It’s seeing that in a community you can Denmark Email List find examples of plurality in acting and thinking.

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Rock is a company that encourages this space of existence and exchange between different ones. Having the Denmark Email List freedom to be who I am in my work environment, with the security that I will not have any kind of retaliation, is essential when providing the experience I need and hope as an employee. However, this is not all, more than creating a good living space, it is important to position itself at different levels, internally and externally, and Rock assumes this commitment to diversity with whatever Denmark Email List public is involved. Not masking this position is essential to really incorporate in your values ​​the respect for others that so many preach and few actually apply. Jo Pollutants Customer Success Analyst For me, diversity is living Denmark Email List with people from different communities, cultures and experiences.

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