It also shows you when and how users join your website and when they leave. What are the sources, channels or media that help you the most to convert the proposed objectives. And it also helps you correct errors in case you detect if there are many cases of abandonment. Or non-compliance with objectives on a certain page or segment, within the routes and conversion funnels.

For example, in this report I analyze which are the sources that help me. The most to achieve a goal on the contact and registration page. It tells me how many went to that page from Slovenia Phone Number List. How many through direct traffic and how many through referrals (links) or recommendations. I can also determine how many converted through social channels or marketing campaigns. This report can also help you to know if there are other access pages, which you did not contemplate. But which help you achieve the objective. For example, if the organic search (in Google) has led your audience to promotional content, or directly to a certain objective.

Strategic Marketing and Remarketing

The same Javascript technology and the cookies with which Google Analytics works. Give you the possibility of carrying out Remarketing campaigns and selecting the number of users. Who have already visited your website. Remarketing with Googlearious types of ads strategically segmented to create Marketing campaigns. effective.


You can, for example, run campaigns for users who have visited your website. And have not completed the purchase process, or for those who have clicked on your ad and have not converted on your website, or a discount campaign for customer loyalty and see which of these campaigns are most effective in converting goals . It is important that at the Property level in the Administration section, you click on the button to activate the Demographic and Interest reports . And then in the Monitoring section, also in Property, activate the Remarketing reports. Then you must activate Google Signals.

Adsense Configuration with Google Analytics

This will allow you to have more specific data about your users, such as the age, gender and interests of the users who visit your website. It will also allow you to know how many visits you receive from different devices, if they are recurring users. This data will allow you to better segment your Remarketing campaigns. Remember that in order to carry out Remarketing campaigns you must be the owner or administrator of an active Google Analytics account, you must have the functions for advertisers enabled (you can see this in the property settings of your Google Analytics account) and have at least an active Google AdWords account that is associated with your Analytics account.

If you want to know more about this point, I recommend this post that helps you improve your ad campaigns with Google Analytics reports. The use and configuration of Adsense campaigns is one of the most common ways to monetize or monetize a website or blog economically. If your website has a significant volume of traffic, you can monetize it by allowing other companies to advertise on your website through graphics, displays, banners or advanced interactive advertising.

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