Follow up! Value objections The prospect is fearful about the OI of your product, that is, he sees potential in Saint Lucia Email List your offering, but believes the cost is greater than the benefits offered. This is a very common type of objection and one that in the context of SPIN Selling indicates that your questions of implication and necessity should be refined for future Saint Lucia Email List negotiations. In this situation, you can resort to technical or operational arguments in order to justify the costs involved, but you will probably do better by reaffirming your prospect’s gains and, if necessary, citing success stories, preferably those whose needs are similar to those of the prospect. Capacity Saint Lucia Email List objections In this case, your prospect is suspicious of your product’s potential and its ability to meet their needs. Some arguments of the type are: “I think we need something more robust”;

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“I believe it will take longer than you promise”; “I’m not sure that’s really what we need right now.” These Saint Lucia Email List objections often arise when you make an offer too soon, but they can be worked around by giving more details about your solution. It is recommended to present empirical data (such as market research or customer results) to be more persuasive. It is worth noting that your argument will only be valid if the customer’s opposition Saint Lucia Email List is the result of a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge on the part of the prospect about some aspect of your product. If a valid reason is given why your solution is not suitable, you should not try to persuade your prospect otherwise . Remember that one of your goals is to build a trusting Saint Lucia Email List relationship with your potential customers,

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And acting in bad faith can jeopardize this and all of your future dealings. How to adapt SPIN Selling to today’s sales? Saint Lucia Email List In this article, we discuss in detail a methodology that is more than 30 years old. This means that their techniques arose at a time when the internet was not so popular, most sales were carried out over the phone, and the first representatives of Generation Y, the main consumers of today’s market, were still Saint Lucia Email List children. Impressively, its classic bases are still very efficient, however, the channels used have evolved a lot, as has the customer’s purchase journey. With this in mind, it is important to pay attention to a few points to fully enjoy this methodology today. do your homework When the book Saint Lucia Email List SPIN Selling was released, we didn’t have so many resources available to study the market and get to know companies.

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