The world is steep in platforms. You order an exotic meal via Thuisbezorgd, you book someone’s apartment for a city trip via Airbnb, you arrange a car with SnappCar and you can find a reliable cleaning lady at Helpling. The most special and everyday matters are arrange with platforms. Unprecedent success stories have awaken the more traditional pipeline companies and governments .

Will this book give

Due to the ease with which you can order a new washing South Africa WhatsApp Number List machine with two clicks and it will be running at your home the next day, you would almost forget that there is a company and a network of partners behind it. Can the platform train continue unscathed for a long time to come? Or will they fall under their own success, the struggle with governments, or the rebellion of the little man ? The platform revolution Martijn Arets discusses this and more in his book ‘Platformrevolution’ (affiliate).

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South Africa WhatsApp Number List

Eureka moment?

For years he did research, look behind the scenes at various. Large and small platform companies, participate in think tanks and countless platforms himself as a user. In the book he shares his findings, discusses cases and offers insights for entrepreneurs and governments. With passion. And a critical note. Fortunately, the book is not a list of well-known examples, a plea for why platforms have the world, or why you should immediately invent Uber yourself for [insert brilliant idea].