The piece known as “woman with an orange beret” was the most expensive painting in the collection. Achieving a sale of 40 million dollars. The collection Bulgaria phone number to mgm resorts international and was exhibite in different hotels in las vegas. Pablo picasso is one of the most controversial and belove painters in the world. Everyone knows the name of the spanish painter and can come to recognize what an authentic picasso is. A master of cubism.

He Bulgaria phone number different facets and directly influence every known aspect. Of the art world of the xx. To this day. The spanish painter remains one of the public’s favorites. As he prove by raising a record sum of more than 100 million dollars during the auction sale of 11 of his most famous works. 00:07 / 00:26 las vegas was the setting for one of the posthumous sales of the famous painter pablo picasso. The incredible collection of 9 paintings and 2 sculptures made by the versatile painter and master of cubism .

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Belonging to mgm resorts which was exhibiting the pieces in more than a dozen hotels Bulgaria phone number around las vegas. The mgm resorts international group stat that the reason for the auction sale of the pieces was to give greater diversity to its extensive art collection. The auction the sale of the 11 pieces was carrie out by the auction house sorheby’s. Base in the unite kingdom. Which mainly coordinates and promotes the auction sale of multiple objects.

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Such as art. Decoration. Historical and collectibles. During the sale of these 11 works. Sorheby’s was Bulgaria phone number for the first time in the united states. Outside of its traditional headquarters in new york. Distribut throughout different places in las vegas. The collection was sold for almost 110 million dollars. Which containe nine paintings and two ceramic pieces. Made by pablo picasso during different times of the artist. The painting known as “woman with an orange beret” paint during 1983 .

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Was the most expensive piece in the collection since it sold for around 40.5 million dollars. Bulgaria phone number the previous estimate of its value which varie between 20 and 30 million. Dollars. Being the jewel in the crown during the auction. The piece entitle “still life with fruit bowl and flowers” which was paint during the nazi occupation of paris in 1942. Fetch an auction sum of $16.6 million . Sorheby’s auction house considers that this period of german occupation was one of the most enriching periods for the life and work of picasso. The portrait entitle

Man and child”. Having a height of almost two meters was sold for 24.4 million dollars. Where the auction house express the great importance of these huge canvases within the many facets of the spanish painter. The record works the piece Bulgaria phone number the “woman of the angel” was sold in 2015 for the incredible sum of 179.4 million dollars. “nude. Green leaves. And bust.” which is believe to have been paint by picasso in a single day. Was sold to an unknown party for $106.5 million.

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