I once read a sentence that said that “two heads are only better than one if they are different”, and that’s what diversity is for me: it’s adding up the differences to grow. Feeling comfortable and safe in the Djibouti Email List work environment is essential to deliver my best self. Here at Rock I don’t need to worry about the way I dress, speak or gesture. I’m just me, and that encourages me to grow and develop my skills, confident that I’m accepted and respected as I am. Alejandro DE Resend Content Supervisor For me, diversity is being Djibouti Email List able to come to work without having to be afraid of being excluded and sharing my ideas. Since my first internship, I never thought about hiding my sexuality, but due to the selection processes I did, I’m sure Djibouti Email List that in some of them I was judged by my way,

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Being in an area that has so much contact with our customers, the support area, I’m even happier to be able to put my Djibouti Email List personality in every service I do and be encouraged to do this every day by Rock. After all, among our values ​​we have teaching and solving, and having the chance to practice this every day, why not do it authentically and being myself? I think this security in being able to be who I am is what makes me have good results and I Djibouti Email List would never change that freedom again and hide this side of me, even because he is the best of me! Mauricio Balthazar Support Analyst faro rock When it comes to corporate diversity there is no magic formula. We know that many companies carry out actions as a front, and Djibouti Email List many others use the discourse of diversity.

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Here at Rock, what I appreciate most is that, in fact, this is present in everyday life. Not just in numbers, but also in the rockers’ vision. Rock may not yet be at an ideal level of diversity — we even know Djibouti Email List that, in this sense, there is still a lot of rice and beans to eat. But I feel that we count on the main factor for diversity to exist and be encouraged: openness to dialogue. Differences are discussed and taken into account, and there is a willingness to try to resolve impasses in the healthiest way possible. This is what makes the Djibouti Email List most difference in my opinion. Ed Abreast Supervisor of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Diversity, for me, is the variety of cultures in their many manifestations: language, ethnicity, religion, fashion, etc. And Rock allows Djibouti Email List me to experience this diversity, precisely through the opportunity.

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