Hello everyone, I am September. In the last article,

I shared with you the actual combat experience of the fission of the mission treasure. Today, I will share with you: how to use referrals to attract customers at low cost.

Before sharing, let’s first understand the difference Austria WhatsApp Number List between transfer introduction and fission.

Referral introduction: In layman’s terms, referral refers to bringing new users through old users. Generally, old users refer to users who have experienced products/services and have certain trust in them.

Online education generally refers to paying users; new users generally refer to registered users or users who have not signed up for experience courses.

Fission: Fission is a broader behavior than referral, as long as one person can bring another person/multiple people, it can be called fission;

The second stage: determine the play style

At that time, by reading the article and case Austria WhatsApp Number List dismantling, the understanding of these three gameplays is as follows:

Courteous invitation: Invite a certain number of people to complete the specified action and give rewards. Sharing politely: Share the specified material to the circle of friends, upload screenshots for review, which motivates user behavior.

Considering the ROI, it is generally only for paying users, and those who pay for regular-priced courses.

Group grouping:

Unlike e-commerce group grouping, online education group grouping restricts the conditions for participating users.

Generally, old users initiate group grouping, and only new users can be invited to join group. The products of group grouping are mainly virtual small classes.

Find key data indicators

Austria WhatsApp Number List
Austria WhatsApp Number List


Due to the previous experience in the fission of the mission treasure, it is much easier to find and introduce the key indicators.  There are mainly seed user participation rate, sharing rate, new user conversion rate, task completion rate,

K value (new pull coefficient), and ROI.

Of course, if you haven’t done fission before, you can get a detailed comparison of the data from multiple referrals.

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