Newspaper advertisements are very useful tools, as they meet the needs of aesthetic clients, that is, those who like to Uruguay Phone Number List handle reading material, in addition to benefiting from the credibility of the communication vehicle. Below, follow the main advantages of this feature! More flexibility in offers Segmentation is a crucial strategy for delivering a product to the right audience, which improves the customer experience Uruguay Phone Number List and increases the chances of converting sales. If the agency is going to advertise food products, for example, it is possible to place the ads in the health and quality of life section. Another advantage of advertising and print advertising is the possibility to adapt the advertisement Uruguay Phone Number List according to the available budget. It can be a full page, a quarter of a page or half a page.

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Thus, you can carry out efficient campaigns with good returns, even if you work with a lower budget. Favors Uruguay Phone Number List brand recall When we are surfing the internet, we end up opening several tabs in the browser. Not to mention that we often do this with the television on or listening to music. These conditions make us less receptive to the publicity Uruguay Phone Number List around us. This doesn’t happen when we read the newspaper, as we view one page at a time, keeping the focus on the published content. According to a survey conducted by Ball State University, when people are reading newspapers or magazines, these media are used exclusively 85% of Uruguay Phone Number List  the time. This means that the print media reader is not multitasking and pays more attention to graphic material.

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Currently, based on the printing method that uses variable data, such as names, graphics, texts and images, Uruguay Phone Number List printing can be customized for each user. There is also the alternative of printing brochures and direct mailings. These features improve the absorption of information, making the brand more familiar and memorable. It has tradition and reliability Print advertising is part of people’s daily lives, being used as a Uruguay Phone Number List reference for shopping. According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, in the United States, 82% of consumers believe that print advertising has more credibility than digital ads . Newspapers work with facts that are verified by renowned journalists committed to quality service. Thus, readers associate the newspaper’s characteristics to the advertised brand, feeling more Uruguay Phone Number List confident in purchasing the products promoted in this media.

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