By Publishing Posts with Images You Have the Advantage That They Are Content That Can Be Easily Spread Through Different Social Networks and Can Even Become Viral If the Content Is Useful. Posts with Images Can Make Your Brand Known on Other Platforms and Help You Link Your Blog with Other Social Networks Such as Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest. Knowing the Importance of the Visual in Online Marketing, We Have Taken a Course on Digital Content in Aula Cm Where We Teach How to Handle the Main Tools for the Creation and Design of Audiovisual Material.

It Is One of the Most Common Formats. We All Like Collections and Making a Selection of Images, Whether by Distinction or Similarity, Can Be a Fun Way to Add Value to Your Community. If the Images Also Provide Content of Useful Value, They Can Help You Generate Linkage and Engagement with Your Readers. Bored Panda Blog : Cute Pun Illustrations of Everyday Objects by Heng Swee Lim. 25 3post with Collections or Romania phone number list Albums. It Is Another of the Posts That Connects the Most Emotionally and That Is Shared More Through Social Networks Due to the Ease of the Content. You Can Even Post Links to Other Social Networks, Such as Your Facebook or Flickr Albums. Here Are Two Post Examples of Selected or Awarded Photographs.

26 2post with Edited Images

Country Blog Post with Award-Winning Photographs : Winners of the World Press Photo 2015post from the Huffington Post : the 20 Best Photos of the World Taken with Mobile Phones. The Inclusion of Edited Images for the Graphic Explanation of an Idea Can Also Be a Good Format to Explain Your Ideas Integrating Images and Text, and Then Share Them with Your Readers. I Leave You This Good Post That Explains Several Tools to Do It. Blog Unraveling the Net: 7 Free Tools to Include Text in the Images of a Blog
Many Times We Know the Result of Things, Projects, Blogs, Works and Not the Authors. a Post That Shows Others Who Are on the Other Side of the Camera, of the Screen, Humanizes the Brand and Brings Your Readers Closer. I Show You a Good Example Example.


Bored Panda Blog : Famous Photographers Pose Behind Their Most Iconic Images. Post with Comparative Images: Before and After: It Is Perhaps the Most Illustrative of the Image Posts. What Happens Before and After a Process Can Help Your Audience Better Understand the Result of Your Actions. Webempresa Blog : Show a Before and After in Your Photographs with WordPress
13 13post with Animated Gifs. Animated Gifs Can Be a Very Good Resource to Explain a Procedure or Animate Content, but You Should Not Abuse Them. However, Used Well, They Can Help You Create Dynamic, Useful and Fun Content for Your Followers. I Leave You a Good Example.

Animated Gifs on Twitter

Video Is One of the Best Formats to Share Valuable Content. on the One Hand, the Video Is the Most Descriptive Format and Secondly, It Helps You to Position Yourself Twice, Both for the Views on Your Blog and on Your Youtube Channel. in Addition, Video Is the Most Developed and Shared Format in Online Marketing in the Last Year and Possibly Follows That Trend. It Is an Easy Format to Distribute on Social Networks and Whose Content Invites You to Share. Strategically. It Is Good That You Create Your Own Videos and Upload Them to Your Own Youtube Channel, but Also If Necessary, You Can Have an Account on Vimeo, Vine, or Instagram If the Format and Content Allow It.

Icon-01a Trick for Seo: You Must Transcribe the Content of Your Video, Also Title It with Keywords So That Google Indexes It and Positions It. 26 2video-Tutorial. It Is One of the Best Ways to Explain Something and Share Valuable Content to the Audience. It Is Also One of the Most Sought After Formats by Followers on the Web. Here Are Two Examples. WordPress Tutorial. Contact Form 7 Tutorial. WordPress Formssemrush Tool Usage Tutorials : How to Use Semrush for Keyword Research?

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