The high open rate of MS makes this a perfect strategy for doing BPS surveys and measuring audience satisfaction Norway Email List with your business! Guest Author April 5th, 19th | Reading: min Understand how sending MS can help measure your company’s NOS It is essential that a company seeks strategies to retain customers , making them propagators of the brand. As a result, they will certainly buy more often, as well as stay longer in the organization. All of this contributes to improving results, achieving Norway Email List the objectives outlined in the strategic planning and engaging employees in the actions taken by the company. In short: understanding the degree of loyalty of your audience is a priority for any organization, as it Norway Email List will enable the team to identify where improvements can be made and realize the opportunities that arise due to the organization’s positive characteristics.

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The BPS , in this context, becomes an important ally for the management to have the necessary answers and be Norway Email List able to measure/manage the service to the main consumer needs. Further deepening the knowledge about this strategy, it is necessary to consider the relationship between BPS and corporate MS . With that in mind, we created this text so that you understand what BPS is, what its advantages are and how an MS can Norway Email List contribute to its successful implementation. Good reading! What is BPS? In an increasingly competitive market, the team that values ​​the feedback given by its audience stands out. And therein lies the importance of the Net Promoter Score, also known as BPS, which will measure and guarantee Norway Email List the level of customer satisfaction and promote an understanding of which points the company is working correctly and, consequently, also those that should be improved.

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Those who think that only large companies can use this mechanism are wrong. Regardless of the size of the Norway Email List organization, it is possible and valid to adopt the best means to identify the degree of loyalty of its customers , based on a few simple questions. Basically, the business will plot information and data from questions intended for the customers and the marks assigned by them. See a practical example: the managers of your Norway Email List organization want to understand how the quality of service is. In this way, it will send the following question to customers: on a scale from 0 to 10, how was our team’s service? If the average score is up to 6, this means that the company must take measures as soon as possible, analyze how the service Norway Email List has been conducted and, thus, identify the negative points that have made public satisfaction with the researched item unfeasible.

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