The content is a reflection of your brand and how it connects with the audience the potential customer wants to reach. It is common for a media kit to be Eritrea Email List discarded without a deeper analysis of what it contains, precisely because, right away, the presentation is no longer connected with the expectations of these companies. 2. Deliver a messy media kit It’s also no use working the look and language of your Eritrea Email List material so carefully if the content itself isn’t well organized. The media kit that converts is the one that creates a true browsing experience . Therefore, make life easier for your potential customers. Create an index for the topics, separate the relevant service and data categories , and make the relationship between the Eritrea Email List two clear. It is also interesting to invest in multimedia, with the integration between a digital and a physical kit when possible and necessary.

 Expose Your Differentiators

The market is so competitive that a difficulty in finding information or analyzing a job is Eritrea Email List enough for these people to jump to the next proposal. 3. Not prioritizing the most relevant data This is a mistake that might as well have been in the previous item, but it’s such an important point that it deserves its own topic. It is not interesting to create a very Eritrea Email List plastered and arbitrary media kit that does not take the customer into account when organizing. An interesting idea is to start with a main content, which clearly demonstrates its full potential, its value and its proposals . But from there, think of possible variations depending on the type of partnership you Eritrea Email List want to achieve. What is most relevant for each segment? Search for engagement? Partnerships with digital influences ? Number of views in advertising pieces?

Eritrea Email List

Loyalty potential? When you target specific partnerships, it’s a good idea to prioritize the numbers that matter most to these companies . 4. Insist on irrelevant content Eritrea Email List Now, a mistake that is common not only in the media kit, but also in the resume, the budget proposal, the company website, and even the fifth grade writing test. It’s bloating content with too much irrelevant information, thinking the quantity will impress more than the quality. The market always prefers Eritrea Email List objectivity. Professionals responsible for seeking partnerships are already tired of analyzing media kits with a lot of data and little content. So don’t be afraid to present succinct material. If it contains all the important information about its value and its service, it will be enough to get attention. And, most Eritrea Email List importantly, don’t try to use this volume of data to confuse and influence decisions .

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