A mind map is a type of diagram on which ideas about a specific topic are organized. From this visual representation, it is possible to understand more clearly what was seen, as well as develop Egypt Phone Number List thoughts and memorize important aspects. Ivan Runes DE Castro 7th set, 17th | Reading: minim Linguistic programming Agencies Week – Event for digital agencies The process of learning and planning any task can be more Egypt Phone Number List difficult than it appears, as the amount of information that needs to be organized is usually very large and requires a lot of creativity . Hence the importance of making a mental map . In fact, this technique works very well . With that in mind, let’s talk today about what these maps are and their advantages, as well as showing some simple steps to create your own. Stay with us Egypt Phone Number List and learn more! After all, what is a mind map? Why make a mind map? What is it for?

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How important is the mind map? What are the main uses of a mind map? What are the main mistakes to avoid Egypt Phone Number List when making your mind map? How to make a mind map now: check out the steps How to implement mind maps in an agency? How to choose tools to create mind map? After all, what is a mind map? The mind map was created in 1970 by psychologist Tony Buzzard, a cognitive psychology student at Egypt Phone Number List the time, so he knew a lot about the main requirements for storing information and developed the diagram in order to optimize the following points: information and knowledge management; understanding and problem solving; memorization and learning; creation of teaching materials; Egypt Phone Number List brainstorming tool; among other points that can be used in business and agency management.

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Therefore, he brought the concept of monthly maps, which are basically graphical and visual representations of a Egypt Phone Number List certain subject . The idea is that they are a kind of “photograph” of how a concept is structured inside our head. This was all presented in his book “Use Your Head”. As the name implies, this tool is a mind map, a way to create associations between different pieces of information and guide your thinking Egypt Phone Number List whenever it is difficult to organize it. If you have difficulty handling large amounts of information, these maps might be just what you need to make your life easier. Why make a mind map? What is it for? The functions of a mind map are the most diverse. You find people who use it to make book Egypt Phone Number List summaries and others who create study structures, making learning more dynamic and efficient.

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