You’re showing your Twitter audience that you’re not just Netherlands Phone Number them on the phone. If you do this consistently, you’ll not only encourage your followers to follow you across multiple networks, but you’ll also leverage one profile to increase the authority of the other. Remember, inbound links to social posts can increase your SEO value. This technique helps you build those inbound links. How to share your blog content The best way to get more people to share your content budget Now, this is where you can not only make your tweets work harder for you, but you can also make other people’s tweets work harder for you .

Last year I got together with a couple of friends and we ended up Netherlands Phone Numberthe perfect WordPress social sharing plugin. Since including it in my blogging arsenal, I have seen significant growth in both social media and blog traffic. One of the features we focused on was being able to personalize social media content. You can write the tweet that is completed when a reader clicks your tweet button. Additionally, we wanted bloggers (publishers?) to be able to place social calls to action within the blog post. These are commonly known as “Click to Tweet” boxes. Like this: Twitter has become much more valuable to your content marketing strategy.

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Warfare plugin, you can easily create these click-to-tweet quotes without ever leaving your WordPress editor. There are several free alternatives that will allow you to create click-to-tweet quotes for your blog posts, but they don’t include top-level customization for social sharing buttons. If you Netherlands phone number want to explore the free options first, you can take a look at: clicktotweet. Netherlands Phone Number To Tweet TodayMade WordPress Plugin In addition to custom tweets, the Social Warfare plugin also allows you to customize the Google+/Facebook/LinkedIn share title and description, as well as the image preview displayed by networks. There is also a separate customization for Pinterest descriptions and images.

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And that’s only part of the reason why I think it’s the best Netherlands Phone Number social sharing plugin on the market. There are many more reasons, but for the sake of this article I’ll leave it at that. now to work If you’ve made it through these posts so far, you’ll have a great understanding of how Twitter and Google+ can add significant value to your content marketing efforts. Without knowing much about search engine optimization, you can still increase your search visibility through these two powerful social media channels. Method to My Madness: 2015 Redesign.

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Than just making things look good. It’s a series of thoughtful decisions that produce a beautiful and functional end result. This is the beginning of the fourth year of existence of this Netherlands Phone Number. Every year I have done a redesign and every year I grow thanks to it. This year was not the exeption. In fact, this year was the most successful redesign I’ve ever done in terms of processes, performance, and design choices. For a web designer, that’s a big deal. Just like shoemaker kids, we web designers can find it hard to find time for our own projects. With more than enough work serving clients, I have had to make this process quick and efficient.

Some quick stats I thought it would be fun to show you some of the stats that went into this redesign process. Design time (Photoshop): 2 hours Feedback given: 12 critical suggestions Design time (code): 12 hours Lines of code: 3,454 Deadline: 72 hours Given that last year’s redesign was a six-month process, the fact that I managed to tackle this in less than three days was a miracle. I felt a bit like John Wick during this Netherlands Phone Number. John Wick hammering People to thank This process would not have been as fun, educational, or effective without a handful of friends. To make sure I could fully understand the Genesis framework (which is what this site is built on).

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