In the graphics industry is the portfolio. In short, you need to have something to show your potential client. It is worth setting up your own fan page or website. You can post your own projects there. Orders can also be searched on groups, which are many on social networks. To sum up – there are many sources of science, everyone can choose what suits them best. However, nothing can replace at least a bit of artistic sense, which is essential when creating graphics. Although each logo should be different, adapted to the target group and expressing the individuality of a given brand, there is a pattern according to which designers create a logotype . See what it is, how it differs from a logo and how to design it step by step.

Each of these elements can function separately

Be used in the brand’s visual communication. However, it is worth remembering that both components of the logo should be color-coherent and reflect what the brand has to say. The logotype Raster to Vector Conversion should additionally be distinguished by its original topography, appropriate font (size, letter spacing) and well-thought-out text composition. First, the brief When a client applies to a graphic. Designer or agency specializing in logo design. The contractor must collect as much information as possible about the company. You need to find out what the client does. Who his target group is, what values ​​are important to him, what he wants to convey in his visual identity.

Raster to Vector Conversion

It often starts with hand-drawn sketches

Is later transferred to an electronic version. When designing a logotype, you need to focus on what symbols, fonts and colors should be associated with a given brand. For example, a pastel Email Data logotype designed in a decorative font immediately suggests that products or services are aimed at women. On the other hand, black and simple letters attract men more. And yellow is often seen in the logotypes of creative businesses, because it symbolizes the dynamics of action and an open mind, green is immediately associated with ecology, while blue inspires trust, which is why it appears so often, for example, in advertisements for financial services. Thirdly, design After developing the initial concept, you need to prepare the final logo design or several versions.

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