Duplicate All and it allows you to select a layer and duplicate (paste) it to each open file. So this is how this workflow works: Open 4 separate Photoshop templates (listed above). Create the image in the largest template (1920 × 1080). Once you’re done with that, put all the layers in a group and use the Duplicate To All script to put that group in all the templates. Modify the layers of each file so that it aligns correctly for each different template. Save each template separately (JPEG and PSD versions). This may actually seem like more work, but I’ve found it to be a much better workflow. Not only do you get better results, but you have a PSD for each version, so you can always reopen if you need to make changes.

Step 5: Image Optimization There are two things we need to talk about when optimizing your images. The former is quite obvious to some, but the latter may not be. File size optimization search engine optimization Both of these steps are a crucial part of making sure your images give you the highest return on investment. Image file size optimization fry meme for lazy loading Everyone knows that a slow loading page is not ideal for the user experience. It’s also bad for SEO. So when adding images to a blog post or page, you want them to be as light as possible without losing image quality.

Even If You Only Plan To Share

These images on social media, you still want to optimize them to be as light as possible. Why? When you upload an image to a social network, they will optimize it themselves. If your image file size is huge and not optimized, more will have to be done by the network to reduce its size and USA phone number load time. And you can’t always trust them to preserve the image quality you’ve worked so hard on. Facebook is especially brutal when it comes to image quality loss. So do some of the work up front and you’ll save as much quality loss as possible. Reduce file size with Photoshop photoshop screenshot save for web menu If you’re using Photoshop, you have a bit of control to reduce the file size when you “Save for Web & Devices” .

USA Phone Number

Screenshot for photoshop save for web as png The first step is to choose between saving as a JPEG or PNG . Depending on the image, one may be better than the other. So first select PNG and see how big the file size will be. Then switch to JPEG and see what the file size will be. With JPEG selected, you can also modify the quality settings to further reduce the file size. I don’t recommend going below 70% or else you’re likely to see visible quality degradation. After looking at these settings, choose the file type that has the lowest file size. Other tools to reduce file size.

There Are Many Applications

Plugins, and web services that will help you further reduce the size of your files. Here are some recommended tools: Kracken.io jpegmini Smush.it image optimizer Compress Now Personally, I use JPEGmini and that’s all I need. However, if you are not a Mac user, this will not be an option for you. Image Search Engine Optimization Many people overlook this step because they are simply not aware of how powerful it can be. They also do not realize the great problem that it is to have a bad seo image. Trust me, optimizing your images for search can not only improve your overall search rankings, it can also drive traffic.

This, of course, only applies if you’re uploading them to your blog, but it’s a good habit nonetheless. Optimize your filename screenshot of filename examples First, make sure your file name contains a descriptive keyword or phrase that summarizes the image. So if your image is a Yoda meme, yoda-choose-meme.jpgname it like yoda-choose-meme.jpg. Don’t make it too long, just long enough to get the job done. Add the alternate tag The Alt tag is primarily used by screen readers for the visually impaired. This is meant to describe the image in a useful way to someone (or something) who can’t actually see the image. In WordPress it is very easy to set an Alt tag when you upload an image.

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