Still not using this feature? Check out everything you should know about Reporter in this post! Let’s talk about: What is Reporter? What are the features of  Gambia Email List Reporter? How to use Reporter to generate marketing reports? What are the benefits of Reporter for the agency? How to use Reporter in Studio? What is Reported? Developed by Rodrigo Runes and Rena Clerk, the I reported is a tool that generates Gambia Email List reports digital marketing , with a focus on social networking. With this software, it is possible to produce reports from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, RD Station and Mail chimp. The platform’s objective is to promote the Gambia Email List collection of information from social media and other digital tools in a fast and agile way,

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So that the marketing analyst can get reliable data to report to the company and the customer. With accurate data in hand, you are able to carry out effective Gambia Email List analysis of a project’s metrics and improve the strategies applied on social networks. Reporter’s value proposition is to facilitate communication between the agency’s marketing professionals and its clients. From the software’s functionalities, metrics and reports, you can show the contractors the result of your Gambia Email List work in detail. By using this tool, your agency kisses manual processes goodbye  that’s because it automates data collection and analysis. There is still the possibility to integrate social networks and Google Analytics in order to prepare complete Gambia Email List reports. What are the features of Reporter?

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One of the main features of Reporter is its agility , as it allows the creation of reports in Gambia Email List just 3 seconds. The software also offers customization reports and dashboards, as well as a timeline that makes it easy to study the data. See below the main features of the tool. Generate reports up to 2 years past When generating a report, you can access all data about the customer’s social media past. The information Gambia Email List generally remains available for a period of 2 years and is essential to understanding the customer’s performance history. Based on this, the social media analyst can easily identify which actions are most appropriate for the future Gambia Email List of the analyzed accounts. When starting a project, you can check previous results to prepare a briefing with more efficient strategies or make comparisons to show the client the impact of digital marketing actions over time , for example.

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