That means you’ll either have to spend a lot more time on Pinterest or start using a Pinterest scheduler. There are many programmers that you can use; two of them are the ones that I found very useful and am still using. First, it’s BoardBooster. I use it mainly for two things: Keep your boards active: Pinterest favors active boards that have regular activity. So I use BoardBooster’s “Looping” feature which allows me to reattach a pin from one board to the same board, like in a loop. Distribute your (new) pins through group boards. I use the “Schedule” feature to pin my new content to all relevant boards BoardBooster allows you a very flexible automated fixing, but it takes some time to discover all the possibilities and options you have with the functionality.

Tailwind Tailwind is another Pinterest planner. You set up a schedule one pin at a time and simply fill the schedule with all the pins you want to submit. You can easily program one pin for multiple boards and then use queue “shuffle” once you’ve programmed your pins to prevent the same pin from going off multiple times in a row. Tailwind also has a “loop” function. This allows you to program a set of pins on a board that Tailwind keeps pinning. How often you can loop a board depends on how many pins you have to loop. Looping allows you to keep your Pinterest account active without having to schedule pins over and over again. Fixation on autopilot.

If You Want To Start Programming

Your pins, sign up for a trial and program some pins. I’m sure one from Tailwind will make your life a lot easier. Pinterest Analytics If you want to opt out of Pinterest Marketing, you should look at their analytics. And Pinterest Analytics provides some insights that are very helpful in seeing if your actions are going to get you anywhere. What you definitely need to keep in mind is which Azerbaijan whatsapp number list  of your pins gets the most views, saves, and clicks. Learn from what works and do more! 8.Google Analytics In the end, what you want is traffic to your website. That means Google Analytics plays a big role in your Pinterest marketing. You can see much more in your Google Analytics than the amount of traffic Pinterest sends you.

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You can also see which post gets how much traffic. But what’s even more, you can even see which pin is sending you how much traffic, and that gives you a lot of valuable information: Who shared that pin and on which board? 9. Pinterest App Pinterest can be amazing for driving traffic to content and even product pages. But to unlock the full power of Pinterest, you’ll need the help of a few tools. As said before, you need to fix a lot. And even if scheduling tools like BoardBooster and Tailwind allow you to automate much of your pinning, Pinterest will also appreciate manual pinning. There is nothing better than the Pinterest app to allow you to use some of your free minutes to keep your account active and interesting.

Waiting For A Bus Browse Through

Pinterest and pin a few things Taking a break and drinking coffee – some quick pins done Sitting at a boring event and trying not to fall asleep: use your Pinterest app to keep busy… … 10. Pinterest Widgets If you want to integrate Pinterest more into your website, you should check out some of the Pinterest Widgets that Pinterest offers. If you already get a lot of traffic to your website, this can help you tremendously in getting some of them to follow you or your boards on Pinterest. Widgets include a Save button, Follow button, Pin, Dashboard, and Profile buttons. They allow you to easily share your pins and give you the option to display a board or your Pinterest profile directly on your blog.

Note: If you are already familiar with some of the widgets, they are updated as of October 2017. Final words on Pinterest tools: Some of the above tools are free, some of them cost some money. I mentioned them because I think they are totally worth your money. We are using most of them, I tried them all. If you want to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level and generate a significant amount of traffic, you need to check them out. How to Create a Marketing Strategy That Builds Your Business Published: 2017-11-06 The following is a guest post from Ashley Kornee . Ashley is a blogger and freelance writer. She always tries to write about ordinary things in a creative way.

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