Not logical, because in those cases the focus is on the efficiency of individual (trans)actions instead of the desired results at the bottom. Just like working with fixed marketing budgets, working with a fixed CPA, CPS or USA WhatsApp Number List CPL can put a huge brake on your growth. The auction systems of companies such as Google and Facebook reinforce that effect. The difference between bidding a CPA of 8 or 9 euros can in some cases result in significant differences in volume. In many cases, we still focus on KPIs that do not always match the desired effects for the entire company. Many advertisers steer on a fixed CPA, CPS or CPL.

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Is that a KPI that directly influences the bottom line? Is that what people are paid for? Is that something that makes customers happy? The variant of 9 euros can simply provide such more volume that the absolute profit at the bottom of the line also grows strongly. All online marketing activities should be able to positively influence these objectives. Marketers can then search for the right optimum with countless (bidding) experiments. 19. Send people by result, not by presence Companies should stop steering the time someone arrives at the office.

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In the end it is not about presence, but the output is central. Without a culture of trust, many things will not work in practice. Trust is the foundation of success. Beware of people being too strongly guided by sub-objectives, such as the result from Google Ads as a channel or the conversion percentage that is achieved. These individual KPIs are always related to the total. It is not directly relevant and also gives the wrong signal.

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