Called Twitter Live, Twitter’s live streaming functionality can be an excellent ally when it comes to producing USA WhatsApp Number List quality content and generating greater engagement on the social network. Learn the best ways to unfold the action in practice! Ana Julia Ramos April 27, 19 | Reading: min twitter live Today ‘s leading social networks are constantly investing in ways to make content production more natural and instant: Instagram USA WhatsApp Number List Stories, Whats-app Status and Facebook Live are some very popular examples. Twitter Live is a tool that is not widely used when compared to Stories, for example, but it allows you to transform the USA WhatsApp Number List marketing strategies of any business in a simple and intuitive way .

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If you want to learn how to use the feature in order to improve the quality and reach of your content, stay tuned to what USA WhatsApp Number List we have to say! What is Twitter Live? The Twitter , social network known to be a kind of “micro” was created in 2006 and revolutionized the way we consume information and interact online. In 13 years since its creation, the platform has made history (literally): the Arab Spring, a set of protests USA WhatsApp Number List and revolutions by the population that was fighting authoritarian regimes throughout the Middle East, was disseminated and presented to the world by users of the social network . It was precisely the need to develop new ways to explore content and information in real time that led USA WhatsApp Number List to the creation of Twitter Live.

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Before the feature, the platform had a partnership with Periscope (purchased by Twitter in 2015), a live streaming USA WhatsApp Number List application. At that time, when creating a live using Periscope, it would be possible to incorporate it into the Twitter timeline. About a year later, however, came a big announcement: the possibility of creating live videos directly through USA WhatsApp Number List the micro blog . What is its strategic importance in the production of digital content? Nowadays, it is possible to say that most of the content consumed on the internet consists of videos. Data pointed out by Cisco state that, in the year 2021, around 80% of all internet traffic will USA WhatsApp Number List be made by videos !

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