Sot-event Many people think that the production of a meeting ends when all the guests leave. They are wrong! Portugal Phone Number List The post-event step is just as important as the previous processes. The focus needs to be on disassembly, analysis of results , guest feedback and satisfaction surveys. Disassembly This disassembly step seems simple as it takes Portugal Phone Number List place after the event is over, but it is quite tiring. This is the time when a large part of the team needs to rest and it may be that they work with less concentration. However, it is a very important task and one that requires a lot of attention among employees. If you have rented equipment, it will be Portugal Phone Number List necessary to check everything in this disassembly step and right after completion.

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This needs to be done so that there is no loss or damage to borrowed devices. In addition, if there is any Portugal Phone Number List damage, there is a chance that the amount of expenses will increase, causing greater damage to your limited budget. Listen and learn from feedback After the end of the get-together, it is essential to listen to the feedback and keep the guests engaged so that the next ones are better. That’s because the people Portugal Phone Number List present are the most indicated to give positive or negative feedback on the experience of the day. This gives you an idea of ​​what needs to be improved. This step should be part of the planning and schedule. One of the most important post-event strategies is to listen and learn from participant Portugal Phone Number List feedback, and this process can be facilitated with the help of technology.

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Through tools, applications or even the use of email, it is possible to collect opinions, complaints, tips or Portugal Phone Number List compliments. Apply satisfaction surveys Surveys and questionnaires can be sent out during or after the events so that people can share their opinions. These impressions can be collected through physical questionnaires or online applications. However, try not to tire the guests with surveys and questions that are Portugal Phone Number List  too long. This can have a negative effect. You need to be aware that participants will have a different impression than you, who is involved in the organization, so it is very important to collect this information. An outside look is essential for us to realize what needs to be maintained, Portugal Phone Number List improved or excluded in the following events.

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