Invest in publicizing the event: use the company’s internal communication channels to publicize it and encourage employee registration; determine the project evaluation criteria: make clear Iceland WhatsApp Number List before the event what the evaluation parameters are, such as originality and usability; create an organized schedule: think about how and when the opening of the event (team building and idea pitch), marathon (with the development of projects and support team), presentation (demonstration of projects) and Iceland WhatsApp Number List closing (delivery of awards for the winning team). Reward creative solutions to real business problems If the intention is to make a simpler celebration, an alternative is to summon the agency’s teams to propose creative solutions to the company’s real problems. Although it has Iceland WhatsApp Number List a smaller structure than the previous event, this celebration also needs to be organized in advance.

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First, define what problems teams can develop projects for , such as improving workflow , rules and deadlines for deliverable. In addition, create an interactive environment that encourages Iceland WhatsApp Number List the exchange of ideas between team members. It is necessary that employees have autonomy and the necessary tools to put projects into practice. As for the awards, the ideal is to offer things that really encourage employee participation, such as refresher courses, which allow winners to continue expanding Iceland WhatsApp Number List  their creativity later on. How does encouraging creativity improve the company’s organizational climate? There are good reasons to include encouraging creativity in the agency’s strategic planning . The Iceland WhatsApp Number List initiative is capable of significantly improving the company’s climate. Understand better how this happens.

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Increases employee autonomy Encouraging creativity is directly related to the need to give more autonomy to employees. After all, they will hardly be able to develop innovative solutions if managers Iceland WhatsApp Number List dictate each step to be followed, prohibiting them from presenting new things. With the gain of autonomy, employees understand that managers are giving them more confidence and space, which makes them feel free to leave their comfort zone and present differentiated and effective ideas for business Iceland WhatsApp Number List problems. Improves collaboration between teams As we saw in the suggestions for events to celebrate the Day of Creativity, employees must form teams and work together to find the best answers to a given problem. In this way, the company encourages collaboration Iceland WhatsApp Number List between employees and teams.

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