How to Optimize Your Adwords Ad Campaigns in Analytics#monetiza17 from Fernando Rubio Ahumada. 10. Post with Collection of Pinterest Boards and Collections. Pinterest Can Be an Ally Social Network to Share Valuable Content with Your Audience. Through Its Pin Collections, You Can Create Collections and Boards with Useful Content. That You Can Integrate with Your Blog’s Publishers to Explain a Topic. Therefore, Show Your Own Examples or Those of Other Brands, and Spread Valuable Content. Here’s a Great Example:

Therefore, Bruno Vázquez-Dodero ‘S Blog : 1000 Infographics to Study Seo, Social Media and Marketing. 11. Post with a Collection of Tweets with the Twitter Moments. Twitter Has Developed an Internal Application to Create Moments. a Powerful Strategy That Allows You to Create Your Own Content Through Searches by Topics, Keywords or Hashtags. It Can Be a Great Ally to Provide Integrated Peru Phone Number List Content to Your Publications. the Best Memes from the Oscars Huffingtonpost : the Funniest Memes from the 2015 Oscars
12 . Post with an App. If You Have Skills to Create Useful Applications for Your Users, It Is a Format That Will Make You Create Useful Content for Your Audience and Very Grateful. Look at These Two Good Examples.

Post with Explanatory Diagrams

Therefore, Socialancer Blog : Social Media Roi Calculatorcreative Creature Blog. Google Turns Google Maps into a Pac-Man Board for April Fools’ Day. They Say That “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words” , Because Diagrams Can Often Help You Explain Your Ideas in a Clearer and More Direct Way. It Is a Very Grateful Resource and That Some of the Big Brands Use It. I Leave You These “Graphic Examples. Moreover, Hubspot Blog 22 Educational Social Media Diagramsblog Orbit Media : 7 Marketing Diagrams That Explain Content Marketingmoz Blog – Whiteboard Friday: Why Visual Assets > Infographics


14 1014. Post Counted with Tweets. This Form of Narration Is Very Interesting and Original, You Can Tell a Story in Chapters of 140 Characters or Illustrate Them with Tweets from Various Accounts. It Is a Pleasant and Entertaining Content That Invites You to Share and Interact. a Content with Which You Can Exemplify Your Post Very Well. Moreover, You Just Have to Keep in Mind to Use Text and Subtitles So That Google Can Find It. I Leave You a Good Example. Direct Marketing Blog : 20 Responses from Brand Community Managers on Twitter to Crack Up

Post That Integrate Various Formats

Therefore, I Could Summarize This Same Post That You Are Reading as a Post That Collects Different Formats, Links, Photos, Moreover, Videos, Audio, Infographics, Etc. but If the Post Has Something, It Is That You Can Also Integrate or Insert Publications from Other Social Networks So That, for Example, Content on Facebook or Twitter Can, in Addition to Being Read, Invite the Participation of Your Readers. If You Embed Your Content with the Link to Your Facebook Post or a Series of Tweets, You Can Engage Your Readers Directly in Those Posts as They Read Your Content, Giving the Content Built-In Feedback and Helping Your Audience Engage. Community in Your Social Networks.

Therefore, I Leave You This Example That Integrates Perfectly. About, Referents, Links and a Facebook Publication. Therefore, from Which Many People Could Read and Participate in the Blog, in the Facebook Publication and Vice Versa. Aula Cm Blog : 100 Leading Women in Online Marketing and Personal Branding. Well, Therefore, I Have Already Exposed You to 15 Formats. Therefore, 50 Different Ways of Doing Content Marketing and More Than 50 Examples of Publications That I Hope Will Help You and Encourage You to Publish. but Surely You Know Many Other Formats That Can Help Complete This Information. That’s Why I’m Asking You:

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