To measure engagement: your website. This is also a bit more complicated because it will involve learning about. Google Analytics and going deeper than your usual overview dashboard. However, it is important because it is a vital part of a growing website. It’s easy for bloggers to get caught up in vanity metrics like pageviews or visits . But these numbers themselves can be superficial measures just like follower counts. The main engagement metrics that most website owners or bloggers need to consider are: Germany Phone Number social actions email subscriptions These are all good metrics to monitor and represent valuable engagement. But that’s where most stop.

Actually, you should be monitoring one more metric that might be the only information you need to take your content to the next level. What is that Germany Phone Number? It’s what Chase Reeves calls The Engagement Report . This is a Google Analytics report that you can run by following a 5-step process: Set a long date range Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages Click on the Comparisons icon Choose Page Views as the primary metric and Avg Time on Page as the secondary metric Take note of the Germany Phone Number bars google analytics engagement The green bars will indicate the pages that people spend the most time on. What does that mean? You’ve managed to keep their attention span engaged.

They Are Germany Phone Number Reading

Your content, not just scanning for a few seconds and then exiting. With Germany Phone Number Analytics. Find your most engaging content with these 5 steps. click to tweet conclusion The big idea driving all of these engagement metrics can be summed up in one word: Attention . Are you getting people Germany phone number to pay attention to what you are creating online? That is the question that must be asked above all and before anything else. Are your marketing efforts getting people to pay attention and take action? click to tweet Focus on generating engagement and forget about how many followers you have.

Germany Phone Number

Monitor whether or not your engagement Germany Phone Number and keep doing more things that encourage that engagement. If you get it right, higher quality followers, higher quality shares, and more sustainable success will follow. Periscope Pro Tips. Germany Phone Number You Need to Know Published: 2015-07-24 A handful of tips I’ve learned from successful Periscope broadcasts. It has only been a few months since Periscope was released to the public and it has already Germany Phone Number a lot of momentum. With this new wave of rumors surrounding live streaming, now is a good time to assess whether or not it’s right for you.

If You’re Germany Phone Number A Brand

Vincenzo Landino has written a Germany Phone Number article on how to tell if live streaming is right for you. If it’s right for you, or at least you want to try it, I want to help shorten your learning curve. I want to get you ahead of the class with my best Periscope pro tips , some of which the most successful people on Periscope haven’t figured out yet! I have divided these tips into 3 phases of your transmission: Pre-issue In-broadcast Post-transmission Or in other words, this is everything you need to consider before , during , and after you stream on Periscope . I’m not going to cover the basics to get you started, so if you want to get started there, my friend Blake Croft has put together a Periscope Quick Start Guide that you can check out.

So let’s dive in. pre-broadcast Germany Phone Number is super simple. Germany Phone Number can open the app, tap the camera icon, type a caption, and tap Cast . Start a periscope transmission But if you really want to have something more “amazing” behind your stream. Germany Phone Number want to make sure you’ve taken the following into consideration. Add your URL in your bio edit your periscope profile bio. Since Periscope doesn’t have a place for you to add a link to external websites, you can use your bio. It is important to know the limitations. You are limit to 160 characters for your Periscope bio. However, it will only display between 117-122 characters when someone views your profile.

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