Analyze the traffic, clicks and placement of your pages always using tools such as Google Analytics . Many variables influence the performance of an e-commerce. Knowing all of them is difficult, so it is necessary to study the Italy Phone Number List visitor’s behavior a little more. A/B testing for e-commerce is the best way to understand what performs best for those who visit your site. Rock Content Copywriter Aug 29, 18 | Italy Phone Number List Reading: min A/B testing for e-commerce For good performance, an e-commerce needs more than just good products. Every element of the site has a direct impact on the visitor and, for it to be positive, it is necessary to make Italy Phone Number List  good choices. A/B testing for e-commerce is a great support when making these decisions.

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Through the collected results, it helps to understand which options perform better. For example, if you use a banner, the tendency is for it to draw attention to a Italy Phone Number List product, even linking it. However, the design of this piece impacts the visitor in different ways. Thus, it is important to leave an “A” model for a certain period and, for another period, the “B” model. The proposal is to check which of the 2 options Italy Phone Number List received more clicks and converted to the site. There are a number of A/B tests that can be used in e-commerce. Stay on top of the top 10, understand how they work and apply them right now! 1. Text popup vs. text over image popup Italy Phone Number List The pop-ups are very interesting features and widely used in many e-commerce.

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They can offer launches, promotions or newsletters as a strategy to obtain leads . Still, in order Italy Phone Number List for them to capture the user’s attention, they need to be” interesting. There are basically 2 ways to present a pop-up: with text only , or in image as the background of the written part . Every business has audience and persona segmentation , so it’s important to test these formats. They should basically bring the same Italy Phone Number List message, just changing the form of presentation. After that, all you have to do is access the metrics and find out which one performed better. By the way, it is always important to consider that visual content is more likely to engage the visitor. 2. Different images on a landing page Still Italy Phone Number List talking about images,

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