Also, visual reinforcement can make your job reorganizing processes much easier. Favors the creative Estonia Phone Number List expression of your knowledge Last but not least, a map is the ideal place to express your creativity in front of some very technical information. Putting illustrations, captions and different fonts is an excellent way to reinforce knowledge, in addition to creating a more pleasing look. After all, if you have to look at the same Estonia Phone Number List picture every day, it better be to your liking. What are the main mistakes to avoid when building a mind map? Did you like the idea of ​​creating a mind map? So, you need to know what are the main mistakes in this process. That way, you avoid making them and make sure your map is a success! Estonia Phone Number List Come on? Stay with us! Not selecting keywords properly Keywords need to be chosen strategically, as they have,

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The main theme needs to be chosen carefully, to create data that relate and complete each other . Therefore, be aware that it is necessary to avoid creating a broad map that covers Estonia Phone Number List different subjects. It’s even important to be clear that you can develop multiple mind maps. So don’t be in a hurry! Select the main theme and choose the keywords appropriately, avoiding unnecessary information. Do not visually stimulate One of the great secrets of the mind map is looking at it and Estonia Phone Number List remembering the concepts studied. After all, our brain works not linearly but dynamically. In other words, the more visual stimuli you use, the better! Our head stores information in a naturally visual way. This means that you store an image much better than words or blocks of content. That’s why it’s Estonia Phone Number List essential that you design your mind map, okay?

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Do not follow a radial organization Creating the mind map in a messy way will also hamper the learning process. Therefore, the ideal is always to follow a radial organization, that is, from the Estonia Phone Number List center to the edges. That way you can be sure that all the information you need will be on that paper. According to Buzzard & Buzzard , this is important because “each information that enters your brain (…) can be Estonia Phone Number List represented as a central sphere from which tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of hooks are radiated. Each hook represents an association, and each association has its own infinite array of links and connections.” Therefore, according to Buzzard & Bunyan’s thoughts, the map will only work if it has a Estonia Phone Number List central image. From it, several associations can be made, however, it needs to start with the central part.

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