Ad Library is Facebook’s ad library. Everything that a company has published on the social network can be viewed through this platform. This helps to bring transparency, including in political campaigns, in addition to Pakistan Phone Number List allowing analysis of segment competitors. Ellison Referrer October 21, 20 | Reading: min Ad library Paid ads are a strategy that has long shown strength on the web, especially Pakistan Phone Number List on social platforms. From small and large companies to political campaign strategies, many institutions have this resource as a great tool to reach their audience and communicate accurately. Therefore, the arrival of Ad Library was a milestone in this activity. There are a lot of people advertising on Facebook Ads , and that can mean high competition. A place that Pakistan Phone Number List centralizes all these actions is, above all, a space that promotes transparency, but also intensifies competition between companies.

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Being able to know what other companies in the segment are serving in paid ads is Pakistan Phone Number List great for defining more optimized strategies. In this content, we detail the Ad Library and explain how it can be useful today. The post will go through the following topics: What is Ad Library and how did it come about? What are the Ad Library features? Why follow competitors’ ads? Read on to find out more! What is Pakistan Phone Number List Ad Library and how did it come about? Ad Library is a library of Facebook ads , in other words, a space that gathers all the campaigns published within the social network. Through a simple access , even without having an account on the social network, it is possible to know all the Pakistan Phone Number List advertisements published by the companies.

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Naturally, if you post yours on Facebook, they will also be exposed. Investment in paid media on social media has grown in recent years, largely because of the Pakistan Phone Number List effectiveness they offer in bringing your brand message to the right audience. In a year like 2020, when digital was the main channel for companies, the first quarter saw a 26% increase in investments in paid advertisements worldwide. This is not a recent move, nor is it a tool that is always used in the most Pakistan Phone Number List recommended way. The Ad Library emerged as an initiative to increase the transparency of ad serving, and the starting point, unfortunately, was a situation that was largely shrouded in controversy. The 2016 US presidential election brought to light an example of the misuse of Pakistan Phone Number List data to generate Facebook ads.

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