This second piece of data is essential to offer real and personalized experiences with your brand. At this stage, it’s important to define both your customer’s physical location what city they live or work in and their digital presence on Oman Phone Number List which social network they’re most active and prone to communication. Defining the location provides, in summary, several important information about the customers, answering questions such as: where they live and/or work; the climate and natural Oman Phone Number List hazards of your region; the limitations and the local socioeconomic reality. With this data, the companies themselves are able to structure all their customer service logistics as: the time to reach your physical store(s); other Oman Phone Number List nearby places of common interest (potential for partnerships); shipping and delivery logistics, etc.

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Another interesting use for customer location data is to create personalized customer experiences within the store’s physical space. For example: personalized Oman Phone Number List MS messages according to the store session he is in or based on his last 3 purchases. Step 3: Build Relevant Communication The third step in moving digital customer engagement is to create a turning point between the previous two steps – customer profile and location. This intersection will indicate how Oman Phone Number List a particular customer or group of customers interacts with the business’ actions. Creating relevant content and executing it in the channel that best suits the format and at the right time requires: using the data to learn rationalization preferences for each channel; analyze response rates at Oman Phone Number List different times of the day or days of the week; which set of channels to create for your audience.

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This is increasingly important as technology allows and expands the possibilities for interaction and two-way conversations between companies and customers. However, Oman Phone Number List attention is needed when digitizing the processes. To send a PDF copy of a phone bill, for example, you need to consider a mobile-responsive adaptation of the format, streamlining the information, and offering the ability to zoom Oman Phone Number List  the information with your fingers on the screen. These are actions that users already expect to come to them ready-made, so they can just do it. To achieve digital engagement, it is important to be very attentive to customer behavior and try to anticipate what they expect. Transforming Oman Phone Number List customer engagement to digital is not easy and, in many cases, a major organizational change will be required.

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