The same goes for your own marketing and tracking. You need to question what people are saying just as much as you need to question your own monitoring and the numbers you’re seeing. As much as those numbers boasted in marketing articles can be intimidating – if you mislead yourself with your marketing numbers in your measurement and tracking, that’s even worse and you’re in for a rude awakening. The numbers sound like someone is being totally honest. But in truth, the numbers are chosen to sound good. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they describe the best and most successful marketing strategy. In your marketing, you shouldn’t be looking for impressive numbers, you should be looking for honest facts! What should you look for to evaluate the numbers?

Try to put the numbers in perspective. An amount of 120k repins sounds impressive, but the first question now is: in what time? In a month, a year, that’s a big difference! Open your eyes to the deceptive power of (impressive) numbers, and that you have to put them into perspective to discover what they really tell you. Don’t be fooled by amazement and intimidation by carefully chosen marketing numbers. #marketingmetrics #marketingdata #bloganalytics #monitoring #blogoptimization #marketingoptimization If the number is about an increase (or a drop), check what the base number is: a drop by 1,000 hits per day sounds like a lot, but if you start with 100,000 hits, it’s not much. If you start at 1k, it can mean the complete failure of a business.

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About the portion of traffic coming from a social network. 80% of Pinterest traffic sounds great. But to gauge if that’s something to consider, you need to ask how much traffic they’re getting in the first place. 80% of 5 visits are 4 clicks. Is that the type of traffic you would look for? Ask if the number says something of importance. For example, a 50% increase in repins sounds great. But honestly, I’ve seen articles that get thousands of repins and no clicks. So if you’re Senegal whatsapp number list  looking for traffic, repins may simply not be the best metric to monitor. An example of this is infographics. Great infographics are awesome on Pinterest and get a lot of repins. But they totally suck if you’re looking for traffic. For the simple reason that infographics already provide all the information, there is simply no reason for pinners to click on them.

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The same goes for followers on Pinterest: since Pinterest changed its algorithm to smart feed, the number of followers is not that important. Many people see great success on Pinterest without a large following. Is your content marketing not working as it should, or as you expected? We can help. Join us for a free email course on content marketing. Learn what’s missing in your content marketing that’s costing you all chances of content marketing success. Learn why content delivery is the key to reaching a target audience and get a checklist for your content delivery for each piece of content. Find out how you can create more content without working like a horse.

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Isn’t getting the reactions, shares, and conversions you’d hoped for—and what you need to make it all work! Are you in? Join us here for 4 days and 4 emails! Join us for a free email course on content marketing! Final Words on Marketing Numbers I only used Pinterest to illustrate my points in this article, because a post about Pinterest that I recently read inspired me to write it. All of these examples and facts apply to all other network and marketing strategies. Also, I do not want to question all the marketing results mentioned, that is not my intention. I simply want to open your eyes to the deceptive power of (impressive) numbers, and that you have to put them into perspective to discover what they really tell you. 8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Social Media But You Should Know Published: 2017-06-06 Social networks can be great, there is no doubt about that.

And it can drive a ton of traffic, help you find customers, and generally give your business that much-needed boost to success. And you read all the success stories. People keep telling you how they achieved huge success, how they got tons of traffic, and how their business basically changed through social media. And if you’re still not convinced you should be on social media, check out these benefits of using social media. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that people don’t talk about that much. And some of these things you absolutely must be aware of when you turn to social media for more success. Social media marketing on the surface and in success stories seems straightforward. But there are many social media marketing secrets that you should know secrets of social media.

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