This means that we are living through a crucial period of changes in the consumption of information: the tendency is for text to function more and more as a form of support for content in Vietnam WhatsApp Number List motion . When we think about live streaming , the stats are equally positive. A survey released by Live stream points out interesting behaviors regarding the consumption of this type of format: 82% prefer to get in touch with a Vietnam WhatsApp Number List brand’s live , rather than a blog post ; from 2015 to 2016, there was an 81% increase in live video audience; when done live, “behind the scenes” content, from laid-back and unconventional moments from one page, is the favorite of 87% of the audience. Therefore, it is essential to Vietnam WhatsApp Number List develop strategies that use the resource.

Voice Technology Is The Future

After all, nobody wants to be left behind in a highly competitive market , right? Furthermore, as much as the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List data already point to a new market trend, live broadcasts carried out by brands are still not so popular in Brazil. And when they are done, they follow a highly common notion. The possibility of developing live content increases the chances of becoming part of something pioneering here. You may be interested in Vietnam WhatsApp Number List these other content How to audit your Twitter account – Rock Content Live Q&A: How to create real-time coverage? Twitter Analytics: how to use the micro blog tool How to use Twitter Cards for better results Vietnam WhatsApp Number List How to make a live stream on Twitter? Making a Twitter Live broadcast is very simple .

Vietnam WhatsApp Number List

After opening the application, you must click on the icon that represents a feather. It’s the exact same button you Vietnam WhatsApp Number List use to write a regular tweet, so no mistake! Then select the “live” option. It is located next to the camera . For the feature to be well explored, it is important to ensure that both the audio and video capture of the device are of good quality. twitter live After clicking the live button, it’s even simpler! The camera Vietnam WhatsApp Number List will already be configured (just define if the content will be produced in the front position or not) and the transmission has started. The interesting thing about Twitter Live is the amount of items explored in real time: the public can comment directly on the video and hashtags Vietnam WhatsApp Number List can be used when publicizing it and increasing reach, for example.

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