What advantages make automated service via Whats App so attractive for companies? See the main ones: chat bots are available 24/7; chat bots are constantly optimizing their performance Nigeria WhatsApp Number List and “learning”; chat bots work very quickly but they can also wait patiently for the customer to come back to them; chat bots never forget. Your customer no longer has to repeat the order number multiple times; chat-bots Nigeria WhatsApp Number List require little maintenance. Still not convinced of the advantages of using a chat-bot for customer service? Discover more possibilities of this tool for the sector . 7. Customer feedback When companies don’t understand their customers and their needs, it’s difficult to get to know them properly Nigeria WhatsApp Number List and maintain a good relationship. The easiest way to learn more about your customers is to ask.

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And this is really easy to do with a service via Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. Customer service via messaging apps is much more than complaints management. It’s a great way to Nigeria WhatsApp Number List conduct surveys , engage in conversations, gather feedback, and provide your customers with high-quality service in the channel that’s most convenient for them. But not all of these features are available for all Whats App business Nigeria WhatsApp Number List accounts. Understand below how it works. Why have a verified Whats App Business account? There are 3 different types of accounts in Whats App Business: verified, verified and a standard business account. Verified If your business number is verified, your company’s verified Nigeria WhatsApp Number List name will be visible in the chat list, chat screens, groups, and contacts view instead of your phone number.

Nigeria WhatsApp Number List

A verified number is denoted by a green check mark. Here, the company can use chat bots and have multiple agents Nigeria WhatsApp Number List using the same account. confirmed A confirmed profile means that Whats-app has confirmed that the account owner’s phone number matches the number listed for the business. They are identified by a gray tag badge on the profile. If a number is verified, the name of the verified company Nigeria WhatsApp Number List will only be visible in the contact view — otherwise, only the company number will be displayed. But even without the green seal, this type of account can also use chat bots for service. Confirmed profiles represent the majority of companies using the Whats App business app. standard business Nigeria WhatsApp Number List account These profiles have not been verified or confirmed by Whats App.

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