As the organization’s registration on Google My Business is also integrated with Google Maps, users can also find it there. In addition to all these features, the platform provides insights into Estonia Email List customer interactions with the business on Google, with the number of Google Search card views, Google Maps views, number of direct searches, number of discoveries and many others. 5. Google Alerts Now, let’s talk about a very simple tool, Estonia Email List but it can let us know whenever someone mentions a brand that we are interested in on the web: Google Alerts, or Google Alerts . With it, the only requirement is to have a Google account to create the alerts. When the system detects that new content that the search engine has mapped contains Estonia Email List terms you’ve programmed to track, Alerts will send you an email with a link to that material.

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Think with Google The Think with Google is an excellent query reference for those working in the marketing field, as it gathers statistics, surveys, videos, info graphics and other resources on consumer Estonia Email List habits and market trends. By visiting this site frequently, you will have a very rich source of inspiration for creating your next campaigns. You’ll find complete analyzes of consumer behavior across industries, including conclusions Estonia Email List based on Google users’ own searches. 7. Google Analytics Google Analytics is probably the most powerful resource among those we’ve listed here, and one of the best web analytics tools on the market. It will provide data about your website or blog visitors to assist in your marketing actions. ​It is Estonia Email List information that allows you to better understand how they are interacting with the brand in these channels and how they reached you.

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If the professional knows how to properly analyze the Analytics reports, he will certainly find great opportunities to better understand the audience, increase the engagement of this audience Estonia Email List with the brand and optimize the conversion rate . We can note, therefore, that Google has a universe of applications that go far beyond the search engine. Even if you don’t need all these services, if you learn to use them correctly, you will definitely Estonia Email List find, in some of them, ways to do your job better and achieve greater success in your marketing actions. Did you like our post? See how Google’s marketing tools can help you achieve more promising results if you take the time to get to know them a little deeper? So always have our Estonia Email List material with you and dominate Google

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