Social media (although there are some good lessons too). It’s in the way the show builds on its audience participation. Stars like John Cena and “The Rock” don’t appear overnight, but are built over years of audience reactions. The writers may go to great lengths to make someone the “next big thing,” but the real people in charge are the ones who watch the shows. The characters that WWE builds are only as strong as the momentum behind the crowd’s reactions, and most of that is beyond the reach of the executives and writers. Once the urge is there, WWE just has to suck it up and accept it. Marketers are constantly trying to develop and create the “next big thing” in their marketing campaign, but sometimes those efforts backfire.

Just like WWE, you have to go with the flow and rely on audience reaction to get the best engagement. For added fun, let your employees be a part of your campaign too. An example of this can be seen in the evolution of the “Divas” in WWE. Originally projected as a sexualized part of the show, the female wrestlers have changed drastically in the last five years. They are now taken much more seriously and are assigned prime time slots during matches. WWE was catching on to a new trend in esports: that over 50% of the modern audience is female, and it pays to attract them through empowering figures and targeted marketing. Now, the Divas are a force to be reckoned with, and everyone in the audience loves it. As WWE discovered with the Diva campaign.

Marketers Should Also Research

Their most engaging posts and see how they can target their audience more precisely. Use the available tools and research your campaigns by surveying your audience, create test content and don’t be afraid if you discover you’ve made some mistakes along the way. Once you find the “sweet spot”, build a campaign around it and all you have to do is let the audience provide the Bahamas email list  momentum. Engagement is everything in marketing, so don’t be afraid to try something new, change it up, and let your audience guide your direction. Trust your audience, because they will not disappoint you; And that’s the bottom line ! Mr. Biggles and Underdog stories Screenshot 2017-05-26 at 12.01.00 It is obvious that the Internet loves cats. He loves them, really. But when Mr. Biggles’ adoption profile hit the internet, it wasn’t just the character’s species that drew attention.

Bahamas Email List

The adoption center that created his profile, Cat People of Melbourne, Australia, did an excellent job of taking a very serious topic (a cat’s life and adoption needs) and making it engaging and hilarious. There’s something to be said for being able to build a “homeless” story from a simple cat adoption page, but they did. Now, Mr. Biggles even made it to NPR, where the question was asked, “Can anyone adopt this ‘absolutely bastard cat’?” Attracting international attention will surely ensure this cat has a happy life, but what does this example teach small business traders? For one thing, all small businesses often function as “underdogs.” They are competing in a small local market against billion dollar corporations. The support of your community is vital, but hard to come by. However, creating a fun and inventive story.

On Social Media Can Help

You stand out and engage your community. Thank them for their unconditional support, because without their help, you just wouldn’t be there. But don’t take your story too seriously either. If you’ve had some tough times, embrace them and your audience will appreciate both your honesty and your struggles. You may not get the international attention like Mr. Biggles, but you’re sure to get your audience’s attention. Let’s wrap it… There is a lot of information here, but don’t let it put you off or intimidate you. A lot can be said about content marketing, and all of this information barely scratches the surface. Here are the highlights: Embrace the weird from time to time. You don’t always have to be selling a product to your audience, and sometimes capitalizing on a current “fad” can help grow your audience and keep your loyal following entertained.

If you’re looking for new approaches to your content marketing strategies, here are three weird, but relevant content marketing case studies. Trust your audience, and they will not let you down. Create polls, surveys and investigate their interaction with your content. Just like WWE, you too can ride the wave of audience participation if you find the sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to abandon campaigns and move on to the next one. Engagement is everything and sometimes campaigns just don’t work. Don’t let him intimidate you, accept the challenge and move on. Create a story and show your audience how they have influenced your business from the very beginning. Be honest about your struggles and hits, and create a personal story that goes further, even absurd, if you wish.

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