Rafael Pres, Market Developer of the IOTA Foundation What is this ability to scale transactions like? In order not to get too into technicalities, what I can say is that the more operators, the more Netherlands WhatsApp Number List transactions we have on the Tangle network, the faster it will be. This is a mathematical concept developed by Russian professor Sergei Popover. He has a PhD from the University of Moscow, but has taught at Uni camp Netherlands WhatsApp Number List for 10 years and before that he taught at USP, in the area of ​​Applied Mathematics. It was he who developed this mathematical concept behind Tangle and who provided its application in the Internet of Things segment. By 2025, Garner estimates that we will have 100 billion devices Netherlands WhatsApp Number List connected to the internet via the Internet of Things.

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Imagine all these connected machines transacting whether values, data on a network with a low TSP (transactions per second), as is the Bitcoin Block chain. IOTA came against this. As a Netherlands WhatsApp Number List by-product, or as a consequence of this IOTA architecture, what happens is that we have the real world application, we support a machine-to-machine economy. Now we can have machines with their own, decentralized Netherlands WhatsApp Number List identities, which transact services or products among themselves, supporting, for example, a shared economy as well. In this scenario, we are now able to open several types of services or products and work on the sale through micro transactions, as Netherlands WhatsApp Number List in this case the IOTA allows.

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All of this so that we can share a good or provide a service The cost of operating a process with micro transactions, Netherlands WhatsApp Number List which are often less than 1 cent, is not financially viable operating with fiat currencies such as Real, Dollar or credit card operators. Could you give a practical example of how IOTA would work in a micro transaction? Imagine that I have an industry and I need a welding machine. What is the current Netherlands WhatsApp Number List process? I need to go to a welding machine supplier and buy that equipment. If I don’t have money, I go to the bank, borrow the money and buy that machine. The purpose of this machine is to weld. This is the current scenario. In a scenario with a technology like IOTA, we use a kind of consignment with the machine supplier. He supplies me with the tool, I put it Netherlands WhatsApp Number List in my industrial park and I pay as I use the machine.

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