Cell phone numbers are covered by the privacy law and therefore cannot Romania Phone Number List on the public directories. Following the partial relaxation of the law guiding the privacy of cell phone numbers. The reverse phone lookup came into existence. Reverse phone lookup directories operate in tandem with telecommunication companies. By paying a prescribe fees and also agreeing to abide by the terms of the agreement, reverse phone lookup directories are allow access to the databases of various telecommunication carriers.

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The various information are then compile into a central database ready to be available to their clients for a fee. Using the services of a reliable reverse telephone lookup directory has many advantages. Their services are convenient and fast. More so, your identity will never be reveale to a third party. It remains confidential. In searching for a wireless phone number, all you need do is go to the site of a reliable reverse telephone lookup directory, input the number in the search box provided and then click enter.

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If the information on the number you sought is available. You will then be ask to pay a fee of about for unlimit searches that last a year. I use and recommend this as it allows you to conduct unlimited phone number searches free for a whole year.

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