Photographs. Images. Make calls over the internet and video calls. Audio recordings and a few other things. The messaging app was acquire by the Turkey phone number universe in 2014. Changing its name to whatsapp from facebook. But in recent days. After the announcement of its name change from facebook and the company’s growing innovation. The messaging app will undergo a new name change now call whatsapp from meter.

Making a clear allusion to the beginning of the incorporation of the metaverse in everyday life. Beta the new change in the name of the applications belonging to facebook is something that has been expect since the Turkey phone number of the change in facebook and its immersion in the metaverse. Although at the moment it is only available for the messaging app. And it is only available for the moment in its beta version and shows the change both when starting the app and when entering the configuration panels.

In Its Service Turkey phone number

The new update is currently available only in its version for android. Within the beta version downloadable on google play. For free. It is expect that this change Turkey phone number  begin gradually and automatically for the other versions and servers. Will cathcart. Director of whatsapp. Had announce the new change. Since it would be useful to differentiate the app from the general infrastructure of the new meta universe. Changes within whataapp .

Turkey Phone Number

The name will now be whatsapp from meta. The change will be reflect from the moment you start the application and within its name in the Turkey phone number panels. There is no change in its desktop version either . Still visible. Although it is expect to be one of the first to receive the new name and image within the metavereso universe. The functionality of the messaging tool will not be modifie by the change of image. Everything indicates that it will only undergo an aesthetic change for the moment. The logo design will not undergo radical changes within its structure either.

From Its Opening Turkey phone number

Although it will offer the dark mode configuration. Which in essence does not modify the official colors of the application either. The name change of this Turkey phone number is the first of many changes within the structure of facebook within the plans that reflect its immersion within the metaverse announce by the directors. Which will include only a change in visual structure. If not a series of initiatives with the purpose of making metaverse again the leading model of the new era of networks and the digital world.
The digital era offers a model for capturing leads

That is extremely fast and constant. Since users can interact with these processes from multiple devices and digital platforms. Companies must Turkey phone number a constant and update base of potential clients. The use of social networks is essential to capture leads in a fast and interrupted way. Rewarding the user for providing information voluntarily generates immersive and lasting experiences. Currently one of the needs that companies seek to solve is how to reach and impact customers.

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