It is not directly relevant and also gives the wrong signal. Ultimately, it is not about presents, but the output is central. In order to get people’s focus Pakistan WhatsApp Number List on output, it must also be clear on all fronts from the company that this is the primary way in which performance is assessed. If you hire good people, they will understand for themselves.

Required in terms of input

Without a culture of trust, there is no foundation for success. There should be one name behind all the main KPIs and the drivers of these KPIs. Everyone must know with which KPIs he/she primarily contributes to the overall objectives. Ownership is also broadened in this way. Beware of people being too strongly driven by sub-objectives.

Such As The result from Google

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Ads as a channel or a conversion percentage. These individual KPIs are always related to the total. There are many connections. It is therefore important that the team mainly works together and focuses primarily on the overall objectives. For example, Google Ads can grow at the expense of (and cannibalize) SEO traffic. In such cases, it may be in the interest of the overall goal not to allow Google Ads to grow faster, because with strong cannibalization.