This is not a complex activity and does not necessarily need to be performed by developers. However, it is necessary to carry out some procedures and be careful to carry out the process safely and Kenya Phone Number List not cause any problems to the site. To help you in this task, we created this post which contains the following topics: What to take into consideration when installing WordPress template manually? How to install via zip file? How to install via FTP? Come on? Good reading! What to take into Kenya Phone Number List consideration when installing WordPress template manually? There are some factors that may make it necessary to install WordPress template manually, such as the theme being a customized option and, therefore, not being available on the official WordPress website , or even due to Kenya Phone Number List incompatibility between the current version of the theme and the CM .

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In this scenario, it may be necessary to reinstall a previous version of the template so that the site doesn’t go down, until you can figure out the reason for the problem or choose another Kenya Phone Number List equivalent theme. Before starting this process, however, it is necessary to pay attention to some important factors, as there are situations that can compromise the security of the site or the SO strategy . Check out what to evaluate before manually installing templates in WordPress. Do not use pirated template All content produced Kenya Phone Number List has copyright that must be respected, including WordPress themes. There are numerous options of excellent free templates available on the internet. However, paid alternatives generally offer more Kenya Phone Number List functionality. There are websites that make these versions available clandestinely, however, piracy is a punishable crime.

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It is not worth using this type of theme, as, in addition to being illegal and there is a risk of being sued, if search engines like Google or Sing identify this condition, the site may be penalized and even Kenya Phone Number List excluded of search results. That is , it is detrimental to the SO strategy . Another factor to consider to avoid using this type of theme is the risk of having malicious code inserted in the template or any alteration that facilitates the Kenya Phone Number List invasion of the site by cyber criminals. So this is not a good idea. Use reliable template source In addition to the themes available in the repository, there are several sites that sell templates, including in famous marketplaces such as Mercado Liver. However, care must be taken Kenya Phone Number List when purchasing third-party themes to make sure they are from a trusted source,

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