LinkedIn has approximately a million users in more than countries and territories around the world. A few days ago we commented that the LinkedIn platform has made available a new tool that allows. Skills assessments require members to take tests of skills associated with their profile. This type of bonus is provided in order to improve the experience of its users and remain a leader among professionals, in the face of possible new competitors.


The Platforms Have Become a Basic Job Search for Internet Users

Facebook tried its part, but in front of competing with LinkedIn, Tinder entered with Ripple. But until that happens, the platform continues as the platform par excellence in that regard. Today, there is one more piece of news. Announced the global launch of its new LinkedIn Events tool, which will allow users to create, share and discover professional events happening near them. According to data from the Nigerian email list social network, direct meetings increase the chances of accepting someone on LinkedIn, from 20 to 80 percent.


Why Consider That Face-to-face Meetings Are Necessary

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That is why they consider that face-to-face meetings are necessary for the creation of solid labor relations and decisions. Network, but based on the professional contacts that interest each user. Not all of them are public, there is the possibility of doing, Plus, “invitation filters” give you access.  It arrives globally today, starting with the English-speaking markets, followed by the rest of the markets, such as Mexico, where it will be available in the coming months. Users will be able to create an event in the “Community” panel located on the left of their wall. You can find the tool above “groups” with the “+” symbol, which you can use to create a new event.

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